Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In The beginning....

In the beginning there was jewelry!  People have been making jewelry since caveman walked out of their caves. I LOVE making jewelry and started it because I wanted to have inexpensive jewelry that was one-of-a-kind. I started getting some good reviews on the items I was making so I decided to start an etsy store and get my jewelry out there. It has been slow going because I started my store after the holiday season and I am looking forward to Valentines day sales.

I recently started doing custom orders and wanted to offer recycling for old jewelry. I have had a few requests for custom made jewelry and I am more than happy to make an item for you if you just tell me what you are looking for. As I said I wanted to make my own jewelry because it was cheaper than buying stuff made in a warehouse. Plus, isn't it nice to know that you are wearing a piece of jewelry that was made just for you? I know I like it :).

I love working with beads, wire wrapping, and stretch magic cord. I especially enjoy doing hand hammered jewelry! Right now I work out of my dinning room, living room, and bedroom...basically anywhere I have some space to work. I hope to set up my own room to do my jewelry making when we move into our new apartment next week. I know my husband will be happy to not see my jewelry stuff scattered around the house lol.

Sometimes I feel as though I have way to much on my plate, with life, school, and work but I enjoy all of it. If you like my stuff and want a custom made order just send me a message here, or on my site and I can make something just for you. With recycled items I am willing to send you a postage paid envelope (in the US only for now) and send your items back to me. Once I receive your old jewelry I can make a new item for you out of it or just make something else to sell in my shop. If you want a new item out of your old jewelry I will be more than happy to place it as reserved on my shop for a very discounted price.

BTW: I am offering a 10% discount to new customers on items that are not already discounted. All items in my "custom made" section are discounted at 15% off until February 10, 2011. Use coupon code OKCOK1 for the 10% discount at checkout!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I will try to post something weekly and keep everyone updated on what I am doing. I will also post jewelry making ideas from other people and other blogs I may have found trolling the net.

Check out a video of my jewelry! The song playing is Florence and the Machine, Heavy in my arms.

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